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hair show event

Thank you, Eric, for advising me:  I would suggest making it some sort of performance art display. This would draw the art crowd and the fetish crowd, without unfulfilled fantasy disappointing anyone.

I think this would draw more people, more participants, and if you want to donate proceeds to your charity, you'd take in more money.

Imagine multiple women on stage in various costumes. Classic. Renaissance. Business attire. Sports uniforms. Nurses. You name it. The lights go down, the spotlights come up, the music starts, and the clippers and scissors come out. There's multiple women to watch, going through various stages of hair removal, and in the end, all are bald, and the hair, costumes, DVD's and pictures of the event can be offered for sale.

My response:  I do have costumes: nurse, cheerleader, nun, prison inmate, female pirate, school girl, that the models can wear. I don't mind if those get sold afterwards.  Some of these costumes aren't the $20 Halloween costumes that you find at Wal-Mart.  ;)  lol  Let's do four models. But they all won't be head shaves. Let's do a short and sassy bob, one head shave, flat top, and a bowl cut or something cool that you'd see in an advert in Vogue.

So, question is, which costumes and which cuts?

I'll change the event to an artsy hair show. Very Happy


Oh, and if I'm hiring models and such, I don't think it can be just a $10 cover fee.
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