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head shaving event update

Out of the four night clubs that rent out their space, only one contacted me back.  This one is remodeling and will be re-opening in May.  This night club is located in downtown Minneapolis, so there is a hotel a few blocks away.  Parking is metered, and there are three parking ramps within a few blocks distance.  They sell drinks; food needs to be catered.  They can provide music and a dance floor.  I would have to have some help loading my barber chair, salon chair, and equipment.  I'll have a tv and dvd player handy to play haircutting videos.

I heard back from the one vintage barbershop where I have shot a few videos at.  He said that we can probably use the shop.  The barber *might* be opening a new shop this summer, but if he does, we can use that place instead.  Parking is everywhere there, if I remember correctly.  The closest hotel is about 5 miles away.  I would have to bring the food and drinks.  I'll also bring a tv and dvd player.

So, the choice is yours.  Which do you prefer?  

Also, if I could get a general idea of how many would be coming, that would be great.  I thinking a Sunday would work best, if it's going to be at the barbershop.  Barbershops are generally closed Sundays and Mondays.  So would August 3rd work for everyone?

Someone mentioned doing a raffle or auction.  But what should the money go towards?  Charity, such as the Susan G. Komen foundation OR to make a head shaving video that would be free for anyone and everyone to download?  I know there was talk on a forum about making a community video, were people pool their money together, and then that video can be passed and downloaded to everyone and anyone who wanted it.  If no one objects, I'd film that video.  :)  And since I've been getting requests for people seeing all footage, all footage would be made available.  I shoot with three cameras so take that times how many hours to film.  Headshaves are about an hour, so for a total of three hours.

So if we do a raffle/auction, what should be raffled/auctioned?  One person mentioned to me straight-edge razors.  Any other suggestions?  Could anyone help bring an item to raffle/auction off?  I'll see what I can do on my end.

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