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Pamela Anderson is now sports a brunette pixie!

What a drastic and very attractive change! Pamela Anderson not only had her long hair chopped off, but she finished the new look by coloring her hair brunette. (Which, it wouldn't surprise me if that's her natural color anyway.)

See the photo and read more here:

Thank you, G., for sending in this article!

Does anyone have any theories of why she cut and colored her hair?

One reason could be the same reason why I cut and colored my hair - because I wanted to go back to my natural hair color since I didn't like how my roots started showing after a couple of weeks. It was very time consuming to keep the blonde look. I had my hair snipped off at chin length because all the bleaching took a major toll; my hair was heavily damaged. Also, I got tired of shutting it in the car door and having my hair pulled and tangled at night. I'm a light sleeper so you can imagine how much sleep I actually got every night.

(I just googled it, and, yes, Pamela Anderson is a natural brunette.
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