haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

please do NOT buy my videos from

I'm very sorry to have to write this, but please do NOT purchase my videos from as he will not pay me for any sales (he gave me a small advance back in Oct, which he has at least tripled his money, but I'm sure he made a lot more, judging from some statics that he sent me in early Oct) and he refuses to take down my videos.

Please purchase from my clips4sale store instead at

You'll find my videos at my clips4sale page much lower in price and better quality. (Michael told me that re-edited, and re-rendered every video. Re-rendering causes videos to loose viewing quality).

I hope to have running sometime next year, but I have to find someone to fix that website as my ex destroyed it during the divorce. :(

Thank you all for your understanding.
Tags: problem

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