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German windup update

I'm now about an hour into this film.  This will be the last preview photo for this film.  Other photos will be on the site when the video is ready.

I have decided that after this film, I will edit my films whoever I see best fit, so I don't want to hear "do full frame, 3/4 frame, panning, zooming, or etc."  Because seriously, if I'm not doing the filming myself, I got to work with what the camera people give me.  Although I can tell them what do to, everyone has a vision of what it should look like in their own heads.  I've also gotten a couple emails saying, "If I lived closer, I'd be your camera man."  Okay, that's nice, but...  If you really want to man a camera for a film of mine, then show me proof you can work a camera and you must be able to come to Minneapolis.  (No, I will not pay your way).

So what don't I mind hearing?  That you'd love to see big curlers, small curlers, certain capes, specific clothing, etc.  With any of these those, feel free to send stuff for me to use.  I can't promise that I'll use them right away or at all, but I will try to work it in.  This way you get to see exactly (in respect to the curlers, capes, clothing) what you want.  You'll see thank you's scattered on the journal from those who did send me stuff.  (And when I say thank you, it means that I used their stuff in a video).

Some people asked for a variety of women to be shown on the site.  I agree and am working on that.

Other things I don't mind hearing that you want: head shaves, high & tights, bobs, afro perms, blue rinses, certain 1960's-hairdos, etc.  For specific hairstyles you'll need to send a photo of two of the style.  I'm still learning about hair, so if I can bring a photo to the stylist/barber, that will make it easier for everyone.  When sending a photo, you'll need to put in the subject that you've attached a photo and what it is of, otherwise I'll think it's spam/virus and it will be deleted without being read.

Oh, and I should mention this too as I've been receiving many emails about this lately: I will not do punishment videos.  The site is called HaircuttingFun, where the haircutting is fun!  Some people who view the site might take offense to seeing a punishment video.  And of course, there will never been nudity on here either.  You might see bare feet, but that's about it.  Sorry!

And one more request that I have received dozen of times -- seeing a man getting a perm.  Yes, I will make one maybe later this year.  :)  Would you mind seeing him in a perm machine?  ;)
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