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I'm back editing TruKenna's perm.  I'm not sure if you can see the steam in this photo.  The steam can be so much more easily be seen in the video footage.  


Look at the top of her head and also above her forehead.  It's foggy.  Again, in the footage, you can see the steam rise.

This angle shot may or may not be included in the final video; I still need to see how the other two camera angles caught this steam.


Update on the head shaving event: I'm researching clubs in Minneapolis to see about having the event there.  Jim was telling me that back in 1975, Bob Fitzgerald held two head shaving events in New York City.  They were called "The Unconvential Convention."  Very cool.  I'm sure that everyone who attended had a wonderful time.  :D

Of course, the head shaving event that I'm hosting, will be for those 18+.  I'll call those clubs soon and will update this blog tomorrow.
Tags: headshaving potluck, perm machine, photo, trukenna

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