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DVD Closeout Sale at HCF

I'm closing out the DVD section of http://store.haircuttingfun.com/, so I'd like to sell the remaining DVDs. For a limited time, until nearly all DVDs have been sold, all DVDs priced $13 and higher are now $10. (Most DVDs are around $20+ each) and any DVDs priced $12.99 and lower are now $5.00 each. Shipping within the USA is a flat $5. Shipping international is a flat $10. Please do not purchase the DVDs directly from the haircuttingfun.com site, as they are full price there. Instead, view the site, pick out which ones that you like, total it up, and email me. Please state whether you are from the USA or international. I'll send you a paypal invoice. If any of the DVDs that you have chosen have been sold out, I will let you know.

Here are the DVDs that are now sold out:
#138 - Sarahs Waist Long Hair to Head Shave
#103 - Judebox Jennys Head Shave at the Too Hot for Hair Show
#100 - Amyee Dangers Head Shave at the Too Hot for Hair Show
#195 - Calley's Barbershop Flat Top & Head Shave
#50 - Anneli's Afro Perm
#192 - Kendra Hollidays Head Shave and other Adventures
#171 - Kats Extreme Bob Haircut
#93 - Kats Head Shave in Stages
#11 - Kats Crown and Head Shave in Barbershop
#12 - Samanthas Barbershop Flat Top and Buzzcut Haircuts
#13 - Leslies Boys Haircut and Head Shave in Barbershop
#19 - Natalies Barbershop Face Shave and Pixie Haircut
#5 - Amanda Bobs her Hair
#148 - Escape
#99 - Too Hot for Hair Show
#151 - Peppers Military Flat Top Barbershop
#90 - Button Curlers Punishment Set DVD
#145 - Severe Changes - Complete from Shampoo to Head Shave DVD
#140 - Bris Long Brush Cut Haircut DVD

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