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the reason salons have insurance


This was one of the items that I scanned from my vintage magazines yesterday.  This page comes from a 1970 October issue of Salon Owner.  

I'll work on the other images in the upcoming weeks.  I just finished scanning instructions for a Toni perm this morning.

While editing the TruKenna video (I'm at 2 hours), I realized that white panties need to be worn with the traditional hair dressor's gowns.  Either that, or a slip needs to go over the panties  I better go buy some slips.

Yesterday I purchased a cute 1950's summer dress.  It's just so adorable and looks like it has never worn.  While going through the Sunday paper, a Kohl flyer caught my eye.  Right on the cover was a pair of open toe heels that would match my dress perfectly!

Oh, going back to the image above:  when I saw this, I immediately thought of the episode of The Munsters where Lily opens her own beauty salon.  Two of her clients emerge from the hair dryers with their hair gone.  But over night the hair grew back healthier and lovelier than before.  If I could "wear" my hair bald one day and than have it grow back the next, I would have so much fun exploring new looks!

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