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photos of a man all wired up to an antique perm machine

Thank you, C., for allowing me to share your photos and your story!  I'm sure that others who want to try their own perm machines are eager to read about your experience.


In the photos, notice the light. the machine is on.

It was my machine. I have 10 machines. I brought it to the salon and set it up. The beautician is young and will try almost any thing. She is Grrrrreat. She has been  using the machine rods and clamps on me for sometime, however she put me under the lights.

 The first time the machine was used on me, another girl connected me to the DUART and turn the machine on. the timer was in bypass mode to allow longer then 15 minutes. The beautician who put the rods in, walked out while the machine was on. I loved it.
I love sitting under it. The curlers get very  hot, but it is worth it.
The feeling is fantastic. the fact is while your under the machine your stuck there until they take you out. The second time i was under the machine, I was in a small room alone. The girls go off and take care of other customers while i'm curling.
I plan to use it more often, using setting lotion, giving a tight set. Then she'll use a curling iron to do an updo. She likes to do different hair style and updos on me, i love them all.
You should try using the machine for a tight set, sitting under the machine for 40 minutes, while Carmen goes off to takes care of her other customers.  I think you will love it. You might want to put a 2000 watt dimmer on it to cut the temperature of the curlers. starting them on high power for 10 minutes, then reduce the power power to about 60 % for 40min to an hour. This was done on a wella perm machine. I think the setting was called simmer. I have the wella in storage. I had high full power for well over an hour, sitting in the small room alone. That was very very hot. two curlers caused burns.
While under the machine you could get your nails done. kinda nice. I plan to do just that.
To connect the dimmer, pace a 1 hour mechanical timer in parallel to the dimmer. set the dimmer to about 60%, the for full power set the timer on, this bypasses the dimmer. When the timer times out, the dimmer takes over, the curlers will kool off a bit. you should be able to by the timer and dimmer at home depot or an electrical supply.






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