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Salon cat

Tonight I gave my husband a haircut, with a number #3 guard on the Oster 76 clippers,  neck strip, and the black PVC cape, as it sometimes gets a little chilly in my home salon.  I was hoping to just trim the sides and let the top grow so he could slick it back with gel when it gets long enough, but he'd rather keep it short, and then have me (try to) give him a flat top come late spring.  

As soon as I flicked on the clippers, my black cat, Nights, jumped into the chair, almost as if he was saying, me first!  He watched and followed with his head every pass of the clippers.  Even when I brought the clippers close to Nights face so he could feel the air blowing out, but he sat still and watched intently.  Once done with the all around, I brought out the 76 Lites (I see they come in red now, darn it.  I own the blue and silver pair), and trimmed around my hubby's ears and cleaned up his nape.  I think sometime this week I'm going to visit Sally's to pick up a smaller pair of clippers for detailed work as I'm always afraid my clippers are going to bite into his ear, but that rarely happens.  The smaller clippers will make the job easier.

I finished off with talc powder and the duster, Nights now laying down in my hubby's lap watching and reaching his paw out to catch the duster.  Such a cute cat.  I told Nights that if it was warmer outside, I'd give him a shave right down the middle of his head.  ;)  Okay, I probably wouldn't, but I'm sure Nights wouldn't care and would probably sit for that!  lol  He's a very friendly cat who loves people.  I think that if I have my own salon, I'll probably have him there.  I think the customers, at least those not allergic to cats, would enjoy such a terrific cat.


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