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Got a haircut, sort of

All weekend in at CONvergence in the Double Tree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, I will be there in costume. Today, I'm wearing the Baby Doll from Sucker Punch costume. For this outfit, I needed my hair in pigtails, so I had a friend help me with my hair.

Unfortunately, at the base of my skull, my hair with extensions, is a tangled mess. So I told him to grab a scissors and to cut my hairline straight down from the top. He did it with much hesitation. We managed to film some of it with my iPhone. (I'll post the video on YouTube sometime).

After my hair was cut, my hair was put in the two ponytails. I looked at it, but with the pinch braids showing, I decided to keep my hair down instead.

I am eager to have the pinch braids removed on Monday. And because of the extremely hot weather, to have my nape shaved too.

For those wanting to see me, tonight I'll be bartending in the Zombie Tiki Bar Room 209 at 7 pm to 8 pm, and then I'll be laying in the glass coffin which is used as a bar from 8pm-9pm.

At 9pm, I'll head over to bartend at the Ghostbustin' 911 Room 109 for two hours.

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