haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

more vintage manual added

Today I finished adding the rest of the vintage beauty product and equipment manuals to the How-To Manuals page.  Of course, I selected to publish those pages that I felt would be most useful.  The rest of the scanned pages, as well as higher quality and larger scans will be made available on CD/DVD.  I also plan on adding old hair product recipes to the CD/DVD too, just for educational value, not to be tried at all.  I think one of the recipes calls for mercury!  Yikes!

I will post a few recipes online too.  :)

If anyone would like to add their own vintage manual(s) to the collections, they will receive a free copy of the CD/DVD when it is ready.  Manuals must be from the 1950's or earlier.  No need to send the originals -- high quality scans of 8"x10" work perfectly.  

Currently, I'm capturing the Deb Cold Wave footage, and will start taking photos of a few things to put on ebay.  I'll list the urls here when the items are ready. 

Tags: deb cold wave, instructions, manuals, recipes

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