haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my bleaching appointment

Silly blog didn't want to post last night.  :)~

On June 9th, I stopped to visit Carmen and have my roots bleached by her.  Of course, she wasn't too happy that I turned most of my hair green from the mud pack that I received the other day.  I'm sure that she's not going to be happy that I'll be swimming in the pool here in Germany, as that really ought to turn my hair green!  Well, luckily, I'll be going brunette in the winter, so I won't have to worry about green hair anymore.  :)

Anyway, I managed to take one photo of me while at Carmen's.  I wished that I would have had the beautiful hairdo that she created for me photographed.  Well, maybe next time.

Tags: bleach, carmen, my hair adventures, my hair blog, photo

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