haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

photo shoot on June 6th

Right now I'm in northern Germany.  Luckily, I do have an internet connection that I can access daily.

Anyway, I realized that I forgot to mention that I shot two haircut videos on the 6th of June.  Unfortunately, since it's been several days, I cannot remember the specifics, but for starters, there was Jeanette, who had 45" long brunette hair and had it shortened to a 10" braided Mohawk.  During shooting, the power went out - the Minneapolis area had been experiencing rolling black outs since 7:43 that morning.  So while the beginning was shot in the usual salon area, half of it was shot outside, and the side shaving was done in a white bathroom.  A manual clippers was used during the outside part since the battery operated clippers died.

Beautiful Russian Maia received an asymmetrical bob with a shaved patterned side. She wanted that look as she plays a part in a music band, I believe. 

Both videos will be released either late this year or early next.
Tags: asymmetrical bob, brunette, jeanette, maia, manual clippers, mohawk, video shoot

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