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Spring Cleaning #2

Fourteen pairs of high heels were donated today.  But here's one pair up for grabs:

These vintage shoes are the ones worn by Jukebox Jenny in her Spoolie video.  The shoes are labeled Lucrecia Cordero and marked 91750. They are shiny red, reminds me of red latex, but they are made from pleather (? I think). The laces go up the leg and are somewhat sticky, which helps them stay in place.  The shoes are a bit worn, but still have plenty of life left.  I believe these shoes are a size 7.  Asking $5.00 + actual shipping.  Just send me your zipcode (or country, if you are outside the USA) and I can check the postage cost at 

Here's another fun item for those who like to display their vintage beauty items:

The first one is a product display box for Delite Hair Net.  The top folds over and the gal would be upright.  The 4 Solo cards on the right would hold the Tip Top curlers.  All are from the 1950s and are in fair shape with wear.  You can pick up the Tip Top curlers pretty cheap, and put them on the cards to make for an impressive display.  Asking $3.00 + shipping for the lot.  Just send me your zipcode (or country, if you are outside the USA) and I can check the postage cost at 

I debated putting something else here too, but then I decide to donate it.  It was the electric clippers that I used to shave my head bald the 2nd time around.  These clippers were also used to shave the heads of Selena and Amanda.  They were also used in Amanda's bob video too.  They came in a case with guards and a couple of unused combs, but since they were made by Conair, I didn't think they were of interest.
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