haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

it feels like summer

With 80 degrees in the weather forecast, it's starting to feel like summer.  So last night I had a friend clipper my nape.  He had never done that with anyone before.  While he was a newbie, he did a very good job of clippering all the excess hair from my nape.  He did accidentally dig in a little deep with the portable clippers once, but since he's new at this, he didn't realize that there's no need to press down hard.

Meanwhile, he's been plotting with Carmen to cut my hair and color it brunette.  Of course, he says that he's going to do it awhile I'm asleep.  To (hopefully) stop his bidding and to save me from a bad hair job, I told him that I may let him cut my hair later this summer and then have it fixed by Carmen and colored by her.  But for now, no promises.  :)
Tags: my hair adventures

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