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website update

I added a forum to the website today.  Please let me know if you notice any bugs or if you have any suggestions.

Yesterday's brunette coloring and today's Deb Cold Wave perm went well, although my brunette hair now has blonde "highlights" and my tips are green.  In a few weeks time, I'll be going in for a bleach.  :)

I'll be posting some before and after shots of me probably tomorrow.  For the brunette hair coloring, I wore a black tuxedo shirt and a white tie.  For the Deb cold wave, I wore a goreogous Victorian-like lacey blouse.  Both shirts button all the way to the top of the collar.  I wore a broach at the neck for the perm.

My hair is in a lovely updo, reflecting the early 1950s.  It was created in combination of a french braid, pin curls, and fingerwaving.  A few pearl pins not only help hold the hair in place, but give a touch of romantic flare.  I received several compliments on my hair when I went out today.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe.  And I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Tags: deb cold wave, fingerwaves, forum, hair coloring, tie, video shoot, website update

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