haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

video editing update & live webcast

I've finished the basic editing of Kat's Root Touch Up, Roller Set & Marilyn Monroe Style.  I've started the final editing and it'll take me the rest of the week to get everything done, including the preview clip and preview photos.  I'll try to have the video released on Friday.

I've also started editing Kseniya's Bob Haircut video.  It'll be released sometime in May.

There's a free live webcast tomorrow, Monday the 23rd at 6 pm Eastern USA time.  It's sponsored by Behind the Chair and there will be hair talk.  Info at 

Oh, and there's a free webinar called Sam Villa's Upcoming "Natural Curls: Tips, Tricks, and Solutions" Webinar for this Tuesday, April 24th at 6pm CST time.  You register at
Tags: event, freebies, kseniya, marilyn monroe roller set, webcast, webinar

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