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Haircutting Story: Tattoo-Lena II

Thank you, Stefan, for sending in your non-fiction haircutting story to share!

Tattoo Lena II

Author, Stefan from Germany

This story is about Tattoo Lena again. Do you remember her? Oh yes! She had been that wonderfull girl in a stage play, playing a character of a young woman in "Kaiser-Wilhem era", very rebellious, didn't want to marry a man she didn't love.

Now it's the sequel of her story...

It was two years ago, Tattoo Lena had her first success in a stage play, and now it was my job to interview her.

She was playing the leading role in a movie, not in Hollywood but in Studio Babelsberg in Berlin .

I had a job at NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk), and, because she actually lived in Hamburg, the interview location was at Hamburg city limit in the north.

I asked her to come to a restaurant called "Gagga" in Schenefeld.

Oh I loved it, because I had been there many times with my friends.

So I sat there with a glass of coca cola, and waited for her coming.

Tattoo Lena was not someone, entering a room and no one noticed it.

When she did it, it sounds  like a one man army with noisy steps because of her pumps making noise on the tiled floor. So I can't avoid to notice that she came.

"Hello!!!" she shouted, gave me her hand and sat down.

My heart was beating, because I may talk with a superstar with an increasing popularity.

I was surprised of her hairstyle.

She shocked me two years ago, when she shaved it all off, but now it's long again, loose and shoulder length. She wore a corset top and bright jeans.

Oh god! If I wasn't here just to make an interview I would ask her for love!

Okay! No! I'm too shy, so I would never ask!

Her tattoos, why everybody's calling her "Tattoo Lena", made her daring.

Her face was surprisingly unmade-up, but she was still very pretty. Her plucked eye brows suited her so much.

I ordered two cup coffee. I remembered, that she use to drink coffee.

"Okay, Lena, so when do you think to finish the movie?" I started the interview with a question.

"It's about 80% finished. I don't know exactly, when it will start in the cinema." she said.

I asked her on various topics, about planned projecs and so on. So I got informations about, what she thinks about projecs in TV, cinema or theatre. But then I tried to ask something about her hair, because I was so curious.

"Well, Lena, you've got so wonderfull long blonde hair now, I remember, that you used to wear it very short. Why did you change your mind?" I wanted to know and my heart started to beat very fast. I looked into Tattoo Lenas face and could find a little bit indignation because I asked her something about her hairstyle. She probably remembered the situation 2 years ago, when she shaved her head and tortured me with it when I begged her not to cut it short.

"What do you think? I'm famous now and behave like a bourgeois? No headshave any more, cover my tattoos and so on? Well I've got to disappoint you. The only reason to wear it long is for my role in the movie. After finishing it, I'll shave my head smooth immediatly. I prefer to wear it short, so there's no change of my mind and no chance for a long haired Tattoo Lena!" she told me. –What a pity! – I thought and didn't ask any more about her hair.

I didn't know at this moment, that she thought for revenge...

Well, the shooting for the movie came to an end. It was Tattoo Lena told me this in a phone call and asked me to make an interview again for NDR TV.

Oh, I couldn't say no to it. I liked the conversation with her, even if she's sometimes an evil beast.

"All you've got to do is to come." she said, convinced, that even my boss wouldn't say no to it because she's so famous.

Okay, this time the location for my job was in Berlin, because it was the last day on the set.

"You could have the possibility to get a look for the shoots of the last scenes." she told me and I was so glad for my job and that she wanted to talk with me and no one else.

"Tell your boss, that's only you I want to have for an interview." she said and I told him.

Now I was on the way to Berlin with the ICE Hamburg – Berlin, very fast, just in 1.5 hour time.

I thought about what she told me about her hair. Well, it will be cut off after finishing the last shoot. Okay, it ONLY hair, but I couldn't help it! I loved her with a long mane  and not smooth shaved. - Well, she'll always be beautyfull, even bald -  I thought and sat in the ICE bistro wagon with a cup of coffee.

- Why did she want to talk with me? What did she want to tell me? – I thought and looked out the window and enjoyed the wonderfull landscape in Brandenburg, although it was hard to do, because of the high speed from the ICE railway.

At "Berlin Hauptbahnhof" a man picked me up at the behest of Tattoo Lena.

Then we arrived Babelsberg in Potsdam.

Well, I was impressed by the buildings and the city lights of Potsdam. It was in the "August Bebel Straße".

You want to know, who was 'August Bebel'?

The germans used to call him the "workers emperor" in the "Kaiser Wilhelm era"  in the beginning of the 20th century and he was the party leader of the socialdemocratic party in this era in opposition to the last german emperor Wilhelm II before the first world war (just for those people are interested in german history).

After arriving the room with the set, the man left me alone and I stood there, waiting for Tattoo Lena.

A 5' 4" height beautyfull tattoed girl came out the door, left of the storeroom for the equipment. It was Tattoo Lena.

"Hello!!!!!!" she shouted again and came to me. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

I blushed a little bit, because I'm shy, you know!

"Follow me, please. Lets go there and no one will disturb us." she said and she preceded to her dressing room.

I followed her and didn't know, what she wanted to tell me.

Then we came into her dressing room. There was a mirror, a chair and a commode in front of the mirror. I was very nervous being alone with her and she stood there and looked at me.

Later on, I tried to make a pencil drawing of her to make you visible how she looked at me.

Unfortunately it didn't succeded to draw all her tattoos detailed.

Somebody's knocking at the door.

"Yah! Come in!" Tattoo Lena said and a hairdresser entered the room.

Now I know, what she wanted to tell me. The headshave! It was about time for her headshave, because the last shoot was finished.

"Is it okay if I get a haircut while we talk?" she asked me and I said yes.

My heart was beating, because I knew, what kind of hairstyle she preferred: bald.

She sat down in the chair and the hairdresser started to comb her beautyfull long hair.

"Why are you so speechless? Because of my hair?" she asked me, but I should ask her something!

"No, it doesn't matter. It's your hair." I said and I didn't know what to ask her.

The hairdresser started to cut her hair with the scissors. Just a little bit in the back.

I watched the hairdresser doing his job, but not a headshave.

"Just cut a little bit in the back and then you can do my hair in a pin up style." she said and smiled at me. I didn't know, why she decided to keep it long.

Well, the hairdresser did a good job. He pinned up her hair and it looked gorgeous.

Her hairstyle, additional to her tattoos, made her both: glamorous and daring.

The hairdresser left the room after finishing his job.

"May I ask you, why you decided to keep it long?" I wanted to know.

"Well, it's you to let me think of long hair style is suitable to me. So I'll keep it long."

"Me?" I asked and I didn't understand.

"Yah, it's you." she said, smiled and looked at me. Oh god! I know this look.

It's the look of a girl wanted to do something with me. Making love or something like this.

Well, I'm shy, you know, so I was in resistance, because I thought, something was wrong with it. Was it sincere? I knew about Tattoo Lena is like a wild rose, beautyfull flower with painful thorns. It was a sin. – Be careful! You shouldn't do it! – I thought like an angel.

"I love you." she whispered in my ear and my defence was down.

A few minutes later, we lay on the floor and making love.

A few days later she decided to shave her head smooth after telling me, she didn't love me any more. After enjoying her "flower" I suffered from her painful thorns, but I'll never forget that special interview with Tattoo Lena...

Stefan also is the artist of Lena's portrait above.  Stefan is quite the artist.

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