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We nominate Kendra Holliday for the Lady Godiva Program

I'm sure that many of you remember Kendra Holliday from her head shaving adventures video.  She is an amazing woman who is always reaching out and helping others.  Because of this, I think that it would be fitting to consider nominating her for the Lady Godiva  award.  If you think so too, could you please cast your vote?

What is is about?

"GODIVA is honoring inspiring women who give back to their communities and embody the attributes of Lady Godiva. Celebrate the women in your life, and nominate a friend, colleague or family member to be a Local Lady GODIVA today and she could win a $10,000 grant toward her cause."

Here are a few photos of Kendra Holliday:

To learn more about Kendra Holliday, visit her website at

Here is some info for nominating:

Kendra Holliday
St. Louis MO
Sex Positive St. Louis

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