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Miriam Hopkins or Anna Q. Nilsson

I posted a photo the other day and H. was the first one to tell me that the photo came from a haircutting scene from the movie, "She Loves me Not."  P. also stated that the actress was Miriam Hopkins and that the movie came out in the 1934.  The photo, again, is at

P. also showed me another photo from that movie, I believe. 

The direct link is:

Dear W. happened to scan in the article of Miriam Hopkin's haircut for her movie role and sent it to me.  Thank you, W.!

W. writes that the lady having her hair cut is an actress called Anna Q.Nilsson.  Her hair was cut for her role in a film called Ponjola. She was paid $9,500.for cutting her hair. Miss Nilsson enacts the role of a young woman who masquerades as a man. I have attached a page from an old magazine giving more detail.

So there we are!  The woman is actually Anna Q. Nilsson and the movie is called Ponjola.  It looks like a fantastic one to me!

Thank you, everyone!

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