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Haircutting Story: Nicole's Haircut at Gretel-Rup Hair Salon

Thank you, Stefan, for sending in your non-fiction haircutting story to share!

Nicole's Haircut at "Gretel-Rup Hair Salon"

Author, Stefan from Germany

This story, I want to tell you now, did really happen and it's a tribute to my first love Nicole.

Back to the year 1987, summertime:

I had just been 18 and lived in my parents house on an isle. You could travel with a car to it on a roadway. In summertime there had been a lot of tourists.

There was a family from Wuppertal in the neighborhood for holidays, mother, father, son and daughter.

I was interested in the daughter, so I was in our garden very often, did a little bit gardening, lawn mowing and so on.

Sometimes, she walked down the streets and looked at me. I saw her but tried hard to avoid that she noticed it.

Oh god! She was so pretty, with long black hair and brown eyes, full lip mouth, cheekbones and so graceful. I'm very shy, so I wasn't able to talk to her and continued with gardening.

The next day I rode my bicycle and on the way back, I wanted to place it into our garage and right there was the entrance of their holiday apartment.

In just arriving the entrance, she came out the door and I drove with my bike against her beautiful legs and she cried "Ouch!".

What an accident! But she smiled at me and said "It's ok. Nothing happened."

I was so glad to hear this.

"What's your name?" she asked me and the iceberg was melting away.

She told me about herself. Her name was Nicole and she was 16 years old and came from Wuppertal with her brother and her parents for holidays.

I told her something about me and my heart started to beat, when I looked at her.

"Do you know, where I can find a supermarket? I want to go shopping."

"It's in the end of the street, but I can accompany you." I answered and a half hour later we were on the way to the supermarket.

I don't remember, what she did buy there, but in the evening, we were on the beach at the west side and enjoyed the sunset. In the next moment we sat in the beach chair and kissed.

The next day, she knocked at the door of my parents house and my mother opened it.

"Stefan, Nicole is there." she called me.

"Ok, I'm coming!" I answered and ran downstairs to her. She stood there, at the door and my heart was beating. I was in love!

She had so wonderful shoulder length black hair. So I was surprised that she wanted to go to the hairdresser.

"Do you want to come with me?" she asked me.

"Oh yes. I'm coming. Just wait a minute." I answered and wanted to take my shoes to go out.

We walked down the streets to go to the hairdresser.

Well, I've got to tell you, that our only hairdresser  was "Gretel's hair salon" and we called it "Gretel-Rup hair salon".

You want to know why?

Well, "Rup" is low-German and we used to call a hairdresser "Rup", if he, or she, use to cut the customers hair always too short! I try hard to translate it for you, but I think it would be translated as "pluck" in English (because her haircut is probably like chicken plucking...).

I couldn't change Nicole's mind to go to the hairdresser, even after telling her, that there could happen she leaves the hair salon with VERY short hair.

I opened the entrance of "Gretel rup hair salon" and we were in the belly of the beast!

The furnishing inside was in typical 80's style, very colorful, and I could hear a sound from a radio's playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Gretel, in 1987 a 50 years old lady with short blonde hair, always smiling and about 5' 2" height, came to us and said "Hello".

"Hello Gretel. She want to get a haircut." I told her and sat down in the waiting area.

"All right. Do you want me to make you a haircut or do you want another hairdresser to do it?" Gretel asked her with a smile.

I gave Nicole a sign, that she should ask for another hairdresser. Margaret for example. She was really good.

But Nicole didn't mind.

"It's ok, if you give me a haircut." she said and sat down in the hairdresser chair.

Gretel combed her beautiful black hair and asked her, if she only want to get a haircut, or to do something else with it.

"Just a haircut." she said.

"What kind of hairstyle do you want to get today?" she asked.

"Just cut a little bit. It's okay." Nicole answered, very calm.

My heart was beating! At this moment for her beautiful hair.

Gretel took the scissors and started to cut the hair. A little bit in the back, on the sides, and in the front.

And it's got shorter, more and more. I couldn't look at it any longer and went out of the salon.

15 minutes later, Nicole came out the door....with a bob.

I looked at her, my heart was beating, I kissed her and I loved her even more.

We decided to go to the cinema in the town in the evening.

Nicole stayed a few weeks in the neighborhood and returned to Wuppertal after her summer holidays.

Unfortunately I lost contact to her 1 year later and I don't know, where she lives now.

The last news, I heard, is, that she moved to the  US, California, I think.

She was such a pretty girl and I will never forget her, my first love...

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