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dryers sold and dusting video

I sold two of my hair dryers yesterday - the 1960's Bonat chair hair dryer and the portable hair dryer.  I am keeping the 1930's Speed King portable hair dryer.  I have a lovely red bar stood sitting underneath it.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been putting together a video with some never-before-seen footage, old and new, because someone had commissioned me to do a compilation of my videos featuring women being dusted off during/after the haircut.  I am currently rendering the vod version now.  Sadly, the person who asked for this video has not yet paid for it on the set date, but no big deal as he'll just be banned from buying it, if I do sell this video to the public.  (And lesson learned - take a deposit before I do any work).

So my question for today is: Is there any interest in such a video?  This dusting video contains 13 models who are dusted off mostly with either a pink or black duster.  Only once a towel is used to dust the hairs off.  And I am in there one time doing the dusting, otherwise it's the stylist, James William who does the dusting.  The video is 24 minutes long.

Sometimes the nape is buzzed a bit before the dusting occurs again.

If there is no interest, I'll just shelve the video.

I'll start back editing the Marilyn Monroe set next week.
Tags: dusting, video editing

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