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Haircutting Story: A Letter from Katarina

Thank you, Stefan, for sending in your head shaving story to share!

A Letter from Katarina

author, Stefan from Germany

Well, I want to tell you something about me.

My name is Katarina from Germany.

I'm 21 years old and I'm sensible, but also a hurricane, so you have to expect surprises. In short: I'm a freak!

I'm bald, because I want to be.

I want to tell you, WHEN I did the makeover from long to bald.

I enjoyed my 18th birthday, with a pie, a driver license and my first car.

(you've got to know, that you can get the driver license first in the age of 18 in Germany)

In the past I had wonderful breast long wavy hair.

I could wear every hairstyle, a hairdresser told me.

I thought about a change. But how to change?

To dye it? Why not? Another hair color than the "Straßenköter" (stray dog) brown would suit me, I thought.

And how to cut? Short? My parents would kill me, because "a girl has to wear it long" and so on. So a female hair style could only be long. Do you agree? I'm not!

- Fuck it! I'll cut it off! - I thought, took the car keys and drove in the city, where I found a new hair salon.

- They should have some crazy ideas - I thought on the way and looked for a parking lot and discovered one in the backyard.

There were old buildings around me. I thought of my parents grown up in east Germany behind "the wall" and would call this "communist-east-german-grey-colored" plastered walls. And in this location there should be a creative idea for a new hair style? Well, I could not believe this, because I thought of a communist uniform look.

I had to go to the front, where I found the entrance.

On the front, the building looked a little bit better, baroque or art nouveau I thought.

The glass entrance seemed to be inappropriate to the building, but it didn't matter.

I was surprised, how it looked inside.

Pink walls, cyan ceiling, mirrors in several geometrical forms and a floor in black and white like a spiral. At first side, I was shocked, but then I liked it.

I was not sure how to wear my hair, but I wanted to cut them short in each case.

A young pretty gracefull and colored woman with rasta pigtails came to me and asked me in German, if I came just for a hair cut or wanted to do something else with it. She had an "American accent", I could hear it from the "r".

It sounds really funny, to listen to Americans talking in German, but I like it!

"Well, I'm not really decided." I told her.

"I've got to finish another customer, and then it's your turn. Okay?" she said.

I did agree and sat down in the waiting area at the window and took one of the magazines on the table.

It was a magazine with hairstyles of long hair, bob, short hair, very short hair, make up and styling tips.

I didn't want to look at the pages with long hair styles and I continued to look at the VERY short hair styles, because it was more interesting to me.

The rasta pigtails of the hair dresser could also be interesting, I thought.

I looked into the mirror opposite to the waiting area and thought:

It's not good for me because it is not suitable to me and too expensive.

I continued in the magazine.

Suddenly I came to an advertisement for a perfume. I was not interested in the product, but I cannot forget the face of a young woman on the picture.

She had a dark complexion and was bald headed. On the head she had a piece of hair, blonde and with bangs. She had dark makeup eyes, full lips and a cute snub nose. It looked like a strange blonde mohawk with glamor factor.

- That's it! - I thought. This should become my new hair style. It was radical enough.

I left the book open to show it to the hairdresser.

After ten minutes it was my turn to get rid of my hair.

The colored woman came to me and ask me to take a seat on the hairdressers chair.

I kept the magazine in my hand and sat down.

"What kind of hairstyle do you want today?" she asked me and I showed her the picture in the magazine.

"Oh! Are you sure?" she asked in English, because she was shocked.

"Yes, I'm decided!" I said.

"This is not her own hair on the picture, because she is bald headed." she told me but it didn't change my mind.

"Do you want me to cut your hair in that look?" she asked me again to be sure.

"Hmmm okay, so there should be left a little hair in the top." I said to avoid any more discussions about my hair.

So my new hairstyle would be a mohawk, not in "punk" style but with bangs, glamorous and new-fashioned.

She should cut it on the sides, in the back and in the front, so that only in the top is left something and with blonde hair dye.

So my hair should be long enough to make it possible.

For the beginning, she pinned up a little bit hair in the top. It looked very funny.

Then she took the clippers and turned them on.

Because I was so decided, she didn't hesitate any longer to cut off my long brown hair.

She began on the sides to cut the hair. It was too long to avoid a "mountain of hair" on the floor. So it was about time to get rid of it!

Now my hair was in mohawk style.

-Wow, I'm a punker!- I thought, but she wasn't ready yet.

She continued on the back and then in the front so there were only stubbles left except in the top.

At the end she ran with the clippers round the rest of my hair in the top to make the sides, the back and the front real clean.

-Wow! What a dramatic change!- I thought, but I liked it.

Then she dyed my hair blonde and styled it similar to the girls hair style on the picture.

She parted it in two pieces and combed one to the front and the other to the back.

Because my hair was too long, it poked in my eyes. She cut it a little bit to get the lengh to my eyebrowes. Now, my new look was similar to the picture except my face.

I asked her for a make up do to make it more similar.

She did it. A hair dresser is not a beautician but she had a little bit experiences with it.

After all, I was unrecognizable.

I went to the checkout. My makeover was not very expensive.

People payed attention to me on the streets because of my unusual look.

At home, my parents were not amused about it.

"What, the hell, have you done?" my mother was shocked.

My father kept cool and told her, that it was another crazy "teen-idea".

It will be over in a few days and my hair will grow back again.

He was wrong.

First, I cut my hair twice a week, only the sides, the back and a little bit in the front.

Because it seemed to be easier to cut it completely short, I cut the rest of it with the clippers. First I left a little bit in the top but it looked horrible, so it was "all done" in less than a second.

Then I started to shave my head daily with a razor.

So I said good bye to the stubbles and keeping it smooth shaved.

I know I shouldn't do it, but I went to the solarium and I got the same taint on my scalp as in my face.

Everybody's telling me, the smooth shaved head suits me, so why should I change now?

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