haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my hair extension appointment at Hair Police salon

For quite some time, I've wanted to have long hair.  My plan was to go calf length, then waist length, and then I decided that I'd be quite happy with bra length.  So last week, I decided to go for a consultation for hair extensions at Hair Police in Minneapolis.  Today was the appointment.

The blonde extensions are 22" of human hair and were put in with a method called "pinch braiding."  After 2.5 bunches of hair were put into my hair, the extensions were toned to (nearly) match my current hair color.  My hair was then rinsed, conditioner applied, and rinsed again.  My hair was toweled dried and then dried nearly completely with a hair dryer and wide tooth comb.  My hair was then cut to look natural.  For once in my life, I hated seeing the scissors.  I began to understand how women with long hair feel about their hair.  So, I tried not to look and asked my friend to take photos instead.

Notice how the hair on the left is much longer than the hair on the right.  That will soon change.

Nearly done!

Blending in the hair.

Sorry there are no after photos yet. Maybe in a few days.
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