haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

yesterday's hair bleaching at Carmens. Photos.

Yesterday, I stop at Carmen's Hair Salon for my monthly root touch up.  She covered me with a black vinyl cape.  Here are a couple of photos taken with my iPhone.  It seems that when the photos are taken from the front, they are smaller and a bit off.  Of well.  Better to have photos than none.

After 35 minutes, my hair was rinsed.  After a towel drying, Carmen removed the black cape and draped a barber cloth cape over me instead.  She put my hair into a double braid.  Very cute.

I do have some sad news.  Carmen is closing her shop by the end of the month.  Most of her stuff will be (hopefully sold!) tossed.  She will be working at a different shop, but the shop won't be hers, and she'll be working under somebody else.  So if you ever wanted your hair done in her retro shop, do it asap now.  Otherwise, if you don't mind having your hair down in a modern salon, as long as she is your stylist, she'll be happy to work on your hair whenever you're ready.  

I held back tears when I heard the news.  Her shop will be muchly missed.  Thankfully, Carmen is still around to work her wonderful magic.  When she goes, it will be a very sad day indeed.
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