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Nape shave at home

Last night before going out, I put my hair in a ponytail, using an elastic band with a blue & yellow Hawaiian flower. Because my nape had a couple of inches of hair growth, I handed my hubby the portable clippers and told him to buzz my nape clean. I grabbed an old towel from the linen closet and wrapped it around my shoulders. I began to tuck the towel under my shirt collar when my hubby took over and finished tucking it in for me.

Leaning over the sink, I held the front corners of the towel closed, while my hubby ran the clippers over my sensitive nape. I watched the dark clippings of hair tipped blond fall into the sink. Soon the clippers flicked off. The sound of ripped toilet paper was followed by my nape being dusted off. He blew on my nape and I felt my nape. Enjoyable.

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