haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

update on Kelly's Bob Haircut video and hubby's haircut

Last night, my husband told me that before I could leave the house for the evening, I needed to give him a haircut.  I had already changed into my evening attire when I told him to have a seat in my barber chair.  I wrapped his neck with a neck strip and covered him with an extremely large, orange nylon cape.  I closed the neck of the cape with a gold scissor-shaped clip.  I snapped on the number 4 guard on my Oster 76 Lites and buzzed his head.  Then I replace that guard with a number 2 and worked his sides and back.  After setting that clippers down, I removed the strip, took out my Wahl Peanut clippers, and cleaned up his nape and around his ears.  (I did a bit of his shoulders too).  I dusted him with a vintage duster a few times during the haircut.  I removed the cape and left everything in my shop for this morning.  I'll be cleaning all of that up soon.

As for Kelly's Bob Haircut video, it's going to be around 53 minutes long.  I have started going over it the 2nd time.  In the week, I'll start pulling photos, creating the VODs and DVD, the web page, and etc.  I hope to release this video on Friday.
Tags: kelly, my hair adventures

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