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Alina Süggeler from the band, Frida Gold, shaved her head

Publishing an email with permission from the author.  Thank you, Stefan from Germany.!

Brand new pop star, Alina Süggeler, the singer from the band "Frida Gold" shaved her head in November 2011, and is keeping it shaved.

She had long dark brown hair before she changed the color into blonde. Then she decided to shave it all off because the blonde change was not radical enough.

She said in an interview, that she like this hair style and that she wanted to keep it shaved.

There is coming a new trend to extreme short buzzed or shaved hair style, I think, because Alina Süggeler showed us in German TV, that a woman can be beautiful without hair. She is not only a singer, but also a model with sex appeal.

with some fotos of Alina Süggeler WITH hair

Googled photos of her with and without hair

the German online newspaper who wrote about her new hairstyle 
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