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Scarlett Johansson hates the salon and having red hair

Thank you, E., for sending in this article and your questions for anyone to answer.

E.'s message which is posted with permission as he would enjoy hearing everyone's opinion on this.

Scarlett Johansson had to dye her hair red for her role in the movie "The Avengers". She is now being quoted that she didn't like the hair color. "I'm done with red hair. It's so much upkeep. I don't want to be in the salon anymore. I hate sitting there, the smell, the cape."

She sounds like she had never dyed her hair before, which is probably not true. Johansson's natural hair color is dark blonde, but she always wears it light blonde. So she probably has it bleached or highlighted since years. No sitting in the salon, no smell, no cape? What is so unpleasant in dying hair red instead of blonde? Or did she go to wrong hair salon?
I'm going to guess that she may have had a bad experience. 

As for her being a darker color than blonde, such as red, it really is an upkeep.  I'm naturally brunette, but I have my hair bleached nearly once a month.  This can be damaging on hair, but I so hate my roots showing.  My fast hair growth is a blessing and a curse.  I'm eager for my hair to grow extremely long, but I absolutely hate how my roots appear after a few days of having them touched up.  Having my roots bleached gets expensive fast.  (I've been tempted more than once to keep my natural color, but I much prefer being blonde).

For Johansson, I'm going to guess that she doesn't like how with color, it tends to fade over time, so her whole head needs to be recolored, which I believe is more expensive than a root touch up.

Blonde to lighter/darker blonde, roots showing isn't that noticeable.  The sun also helps to lighten it too for natural highlights.  But looking at her photo, I'd say that those highlights that she has are professionally done.

What does everyone else think?

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