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Haircutting Story: Tattoo-Lena

Thank you, Stefan, for your story!

by Stefan from Deutschland

In case of special distinguishing marks, you often get a nickname.

In this case it's about a girl called "Tattoo-Lena", because of her large 3D tattoos on upper- and underarms and her décolleté. On the left side there was a flower tattoo on her neck.

The design was filigree. I could not see the beginning and the end of those large tattoos.

But her beautiful face was free of it.

Lena was a gorgeous young woman, graceful, 5' 4" height and voluminous blonde waist long hair, she wore often in a pin up style.

In her face she used a lot of make up, although it was not necessary to do.

On her lips she did raspberry colored lip gloss and on her eyelid eye shadows to make them even bigger than they are naturally.

She emphased her eyelashes with eyelash black and her eye brows were plucked.

She loved contrasts.

On one hand she had many tattoos on her arms, her décolleté and neck, and on the other hand a beautiful face with make up, in addition to her French nails, made her both: glamour and daring.

Her blonde hair together with her big brown eyes was a rare combination.

Her style was between girly and punk. She was daring...

At the theatre group, founded two years ago in the city, was a member called Tattoo-Lena.

She played the lead part in the most popular play.

"I'm a very good actress. So everything is running as I want it!" she said self confident when Mr Bergkamp, the theatre director was in conflict with her, because it was not easy to work with her. Very angry she ran up and down on stage and shouted at him.

"Never ever!"

It was just a discussion about the dress code. Mr. Bergkamp demanded, that she should pop her collar of her dress to avoid the visibility of her tattoos.

"The play is in 'Kaiser Wilhelm' era and there had never been any tattoos on young ladies." he gave the reason for his demand.

(The 'Kaiser Wilhelm' era, so called in Germany, had been the years 1890 to 1914)

She frowned but popped her collar, that the 3D flower tattoo on her neck was invisible.

How many discussions had been there with her parents before she began to let stand her first tattoo.

Tattoo-Lena was a wild rose being the most beautiful flower but the thorns could be painful.

Sometimes she acted out of spite to provoke somebody cannot be done anything against her pigheadedness. She wanted to be a designer she was talented to do, because she was creative.

She stood there, on stage, her waist long hair in pin up style, usual in 'Kaiser Wilhelm' era.

 I sat in the audience in the first row to watch the rehearsal. The subject of the play was just ideal for Tattoo-Lena.

It was about a young woman in rebellion against the conservative civil rules in the beginning of the 20th century.

In the break she loosed her hair fell down to her waist and a beautiful gorgeous mane could be seen.

"You have got such a beautiful hair." I made her a compliment.

She looked at me and started to laugh.

"My hair is got to be cut off soon." she said to me and dishevelled her hair with her fingers.

"But... why?" I was shocked, because when I thought of a short haired Tattoo-Lena, I shivered!

"Such a funny hair!" a girl said, also in the first row, listened to our discussion.

"It doesn't suit me any longer." she said and the discussion ends with it.

Mr. Bergkamp came and ask her to come back on stage.

"Pin up your hair, please!" was his demand.

Unenthusiastic she pinned up her hair she wanted to get rid of sooner or later.

"I'll cut it of soon" she hissed.

"Please wait until we played it on stage next week. For your part it's necessary to keep it long." Mr. Bergkamp asked her. She frowned again.

I got the feeling, that her long gorgeous mane was a holdover from another era, an era without tattoos, sexy dresses and rebellion, an era she just had been 'Lena', not 'Tattoo-Lena'.

Oh yes, this other person did really exist, but is dead now. That's what she told me.

The rehearsal came to an end. I left the building. Tattoo Lena came, in high heels, strapless top and tight jeans, well dressed and her tattoos visible, and walked by.

I admired this beautiful young woman with her blonde gorgeous mane, got back her under lip and nose piercing.

This caused also many discussions with her parents.

She had got a wealthy parents' home, never be worried about money or something like that...

A day before 'D-day' on stage, was the dress rehearsal for the theatre group.

I wanted to watch the rehearsal again.

Just the admiration for the well talented actress Tattoo-Lena and the artistic demand of the play being rebellious and bohemian.

The 'enfant terrible' Tattoo-Lena agreed with it, came to rehearsal, still wearing waist long hair but with many tattoos and sexily dressed between girly and punk style.

She was too late. Punctuality was not one of her strengths.

She didn't care about the others waiting for her arriving almost one hour later.

"You can't start without me." she said, when Mr. Bergkamp demanded more punctuality to her. She was egoistic, but she was right.

Without her, the theatre group was just a chaotically bunch of amateurs being able to play theatre for a provincial village festival.

But now it was in the city, in "Deutsches Haus" for German TV wanted to get a recording of it to show in TV.

For the dress rehearsal they were in action on stage in inner city, not in "Deutsches Haus".

There had been just a few viewers in the first row. Tattoo-Lena dressed in a old fashioned but beautiful dress being very important for her part in the play.

She wore her hair, in Kaiser-Wilhelm-era-style strictly pinned-up.

She'd popped her collar to make her tattoos invisible.

The stage was flooded with light and she came.

The fist part was a monolog, when she talked about she was betrothed to a man she didn't love but to a rich one.

It seems to be a forced marriage, isn't it?

In this part she was a daughter of a wealthy parents' home.

Oh! Tattoo-Lena knew it!

She could rely on her own experiences to be a good actress and brought this feeling in the audience. I was fascinated!

The play ended with suicide of that young lady should marry a man she didn't love.

In a break she came down from stage and sat down besides me.

My heard was beating and I got the feeling to sit beside a superstar.

I looked at her and shivered because I didn't know how she would look tomorrow after the show. What kind of hairstyle? Punk? Mohawk? Spiky hair? Pixie? Whatever she would do with it, at the moment I couldn't imagine her with short hair.

It was a shame to cut that gorgeous mane, why she was the envy of all young ladies.

But I hoped that she took up time with it because she looked beautiful with that hair.

- I can look at her long mane until tomorrow- I thought and was glad, that she was beside me and I could enjoy her actual look...

The play should start the next day, the theatre group rehearsed so hard and the members indulged Tattoo-Lena's every whim.

In the morning she was at home, a 2 room flat in inner city, subsidized from her parents.

She invited me surprisingly to visit her for a breakfast.

"You are so calm and I like it." she gave her reason for it and thought herself I would never say 'no'. Of course not! I was her avid fan!

The block was waterfront. A building from the 90's, the apartments with windows to get a harbour view.

Now I sat there, in her living room, and she walked up and down like a tiger in a cage.

She wore her long hair loose down to her waist.

"Do you really want to cut it off?" I asked and it sounded appealingly to her, not to do it.

"Yah!" she was decided.

I hoped again she would not do it because she looked gorgeous with it.

"If you ask again, I'll cut it off immediately!" she threatened me, if I would ask one more time.

"You should keep it long. It suits you. Please don't do it."  I begged her.

Tattoo-Lena, feared because of her every whim, went into her bath room without any word and let the doors open behind her.

I didn't take her at her word until I could hear a sound of a clipper machine.

When I could hear a sound of the machine cut off her hair, I had got to go to the bath room.

I stood there, had to watch her cutting all her beautiful hair off down to stubbles.

It was too late to avoid this.

The right side was already bald. I was shocked and she seemed to be glad about it.

Quickly and rough she continued with the clipper cut to the left, so the bald area spread more and more. There was a sea of hair on the floor.

Than she continued on the left side down to the ear and up to the line from the right side.

Now she cut off the sideburns and there was only a few hair left behind the left ear.

Suddenly she stopped doing the haircut.

"This little hair should be left to remember you, how long it was." she said and laughed at me.

Did she want to torture me with it?

My heart was beating and I thought it was a shame she cut off all her hair.

She cut the strand of hair even smaller but kept the same length.

She is bald now to 99% and the rest of her formal gorgeous mane looked a little bit absurd to her bald head.

She looked into the mirror and stroked with her hand on her head and took shaving foam.

In the cabinet was a razor. She took it and lathered her head with shaving foam.

She looked absurd with her white head and laughed, when she saw it in the mirror.

She removed the foam with the razor inclusive the stubbles the clipper had left on her head, began, like she did with the clippers, on the right side and removed with the razor the rest of her formal long hair.

On the left side there was the hair strand and she ran around it very carefully, although she knew, she could not remove the strand with a razor.

There was a lot of foam on the strand but she removed it with a towel.

Now she was satisfied and looked again into the mirror.

"I think it is more suitable to me." she said and stroked with her hand on her smooth shaved head, but she wasn't ready yet.

She braided the hair which needed more time than the head shave before.

I was still shocked because of this.

-How could she do it! She had so funny hair!- I thought.

But she was so decided to do it, that she can't wait for it until she was on stage this evening.

How would Mr. Bergkamp react?

"I have one question. How will you go on stage? I mean, with or without hair? " I wanted to know, a little bit ironic.

"What about a wig?" she said and smiled at me.

With ½ finger strand hair behind her left ear as a rest of her formal gorgeous mane she went to her bedroom and got a wig and put it on her head.

Now she was the long haired Tattoo-Lena again.

With talented fingers she pinned up that hair, like it used to be in 'Kaiser-Wilhelm' era...

In the next day I sat in the audience and only I knew what there was under Tattoo-Lena's wig:


Her part was very successful and she got an applause for her artistic performance.

After the theatre group were ready on stage there was an after show party in the hotel bar with an invitation for journalists and the 'who is who' of the high society of the city.

Tattoo-Lena wouldn't be herself, not to shock the society with her 'standard style'.

A top, miniskirt, so sexily dressed, that her tattoos were visible, high heels made her 4 inch higher, and without a wig, with a bald head except one strand of hair down to her waist you could thing of a formal waist long mane. And, in addition to this, she wore her piercings again. Her style didn't fail the effect: They WERE shocked.

Woman touched horrified on their head and tried to find out if it is still on place...

In the next time Tattoo-Lena's hair grown back to a buzz cut. But she shaved it all off again

and redone it every three weeks.

But than she kept it smooth shaved...

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