haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

new product added: a wig chin strap

Besides hair, Carmen of can roller set and style wigs.  Awhile she has a couple of vintage wig chin straps to help keep the wig in place, she doesn't have any that she can spare.  (Her customers have asked her if they can have one of her wig chin straps since they can't find them anywhere).

So using one of her vintage chin straps as a guide, I created several wig chin straps with a white elastic cord and put them in the online catalog at

Here's a photo of the wig chin strap as well:

They were created with big beautiful CDs in mind.  Of course, if the strap is too long, it can always be knotted in the middle.
Tags: product, wig chin strap, wigs

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