haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

pink hair coloring preview video

You'll find the preview clip of Kat's Pink Haircoloring at

This video and photos will be available February 14th, perfect in timing with Valentine's Day.  :)

I'm now capturing the footage of the Button Curlers video.  I'll probably finish the capturing by tomorrow night.

I already have the barberette foot perspective footage and the WAM footage on my computer already.  Since those videos really don't need too much editing, I'll probably get to those first.  Because I've got about 9 hours of Button Curlers footage, this video will take me about a month or so to edit.

Today, I found some heels that I hope work for the Marilyn Monroe hair video, which I'll be planning in a month or two or so.

Tags: barefeet, button curlers, marilyn monroe, pink hair, preview clip, wam

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