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Permanent wave machines at Axman

Today, I stopped at the Axman Supply Store in St. Paul, Minnesota because the phone charger for my iPhone needed a new fuse. Stepping through the door, I saw this sight

It's a little difficult to see, but there are two permanent wave machines and also a 1934 portable head streamer, each one with a price tag of $195.00

The thing that really caught my attention was the paper print outs attached to the one of the perm machines. Those print outs were full of information on perm machines, and all that info came directly from this www.haircuttingfun.com site! :)

So I chatted with the employees for 20 minutes telling them all about the perm machines, and how there has only been one death during all the years that perm machines have been in use.

The death, you wonder? A woman was sitting under one, all fastened up when a fire broke out. Everyone ran from the salon, everyone except her. She tried though, bless her heart, and the heavy machine fell on her, pinning her to the floor.

That's it. No electrocutions, which surprises most people. Plenty of burns though. But those burns were looked upon as badges of courage, as not all women had the patience or bravery to have a perm done by those machines.

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