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my hair is back to normal

As of a couple of days ago, my hair has returned to its normal straight condition.  Previously, it was a snarly mess since I pulled out all the bobby pins and washed the 1960's updo out of my hair.  After a couple of days of tangles and knots, I asked Carmen how to fix my hair, as I missed being able to run my fingers through it.  She said to either use a detangler or a cheap conditioner such as Suave, since it had a lot of wax in it, which would help remove all the snarls.  Of course, she said, use a wide tooth comb, not a brush on wet hair.

After spending ten minutes with the detangler cream soaking in my hair, I began to comb with my hair, from tip to root (very important - don't start from the root to tip!), combing downward.  It took five to seven strokes in each area, and much of the time it hurt from the pulling.  But it was all worth it to have my hair back again. 

I'll keep this method in mind for next time, because there will always be a next time since I love the vintage sets.


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Nov. 7th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
And yet you INSIST on keeping it long. Wouldn't another video shoot with you in the chair and a young gal in some PVC wielding the clippers solve all this? I bet Kendra over at The Beautiful Kind would love to return the favor and bring you back to slick-scalp glory. I just know you want to make this happen for me! Right? Oh boy! Sob.
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