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perm machine story

Thank you, Mildred, for sharing your experience with the perm machine .

I  was born in 
Granite City,Illinois,May 11,  1934. My grandmother was a
beautician, and had her own salon in her  home,later on in a
Salon. I  have natural wavy hair, I inherited from my father, 
but for whatever reason (we live next door to grandma and she
paid OUR RENT) she decided I should  look like Shirley Temple.
OK, that was fine when I was little. My had to hold up  my neck,
those things  were so hot and heavy, I was just about 5 I

We moved from  Granite  City,  Illinois, in Sept.  1945, to West
Los Angeles,  CA.

. Brought EVERYTHING WE OWNED, packed  into a 4 door car. When
my grandparents moved out they had all their furniture etc come
her. They had purchased a 2 bd 1 bath house on Veteran Ave,
Westwood Village, CA

I had to sleep  on a roll away bed in the dining room. When I
started the 7th grade, my hair was long wavy and beautiful.
Grandma ruled the roast,  and decided I needed a
permanent!!!!!!!! She brought  into the house this horrible
machine, cut off my hair, and proceeded to perm  my hair. When I
got done, she washed it, and I looked like I HAD THE FIRST
"AFRO" IN LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!! I was so devastated that I got 
special permission from the Principal from Westwood Jr High
school to wear a scarf to school  for an entire month.  My
boyfriend broke up we me!!!Of course my parent's didn't know I
had a boyfriend, but I had never in my short life been so
humiliated. I told my grandmother I never, ever wanted that
machine put on my head again!!!!

Luckily my hair grew back, my wavy hair was my pride and joy. We
finally were able to move out of their home when we rented one.

I did finally when I was small look like Shirley Temple, as
grandma was a wonderful seamstress and copied her dresses and
made me the same.

Just wanted to share this story about my horrible experience
with THAT MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!

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