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yesterday shoots

It's been a very busy week.  After several cancels and changes, the permanent wave machine video went on as planned yesterday with a new model.  She wore a 1950's housewife's dress and heels.  Her hair needed 10 minutes or so under the heated perm machine for a perfect S curl.  Steam can be seen rising up from the clamps.  I'll count the felt pads later today, but I believe at least 30 clamps were attached to her head.  :)

A shampoo video -- with a different model who has long hair -- featuring the upright, backwards, and forwards methods, was done right after that perm machine shoot. 

Now I'm going to rest my video cameras.  I will be taking a break from filming for the entire February.  Okay, well, I do have one shoot planned for the 16th, where my hair will be done with the Deb Cold Wave kit.  (See the instructions page on the site).  I have tons of footage to edit, including around 26-27 family videos.

I still need to finish cleaning up my salon and cleaning the equipment.  I hope to get to this later today.

When I last edited the pink hair coloring video, I was at 33 minutes.  Once I finish this one, I'll work on the Spoolie/pin curl/fingerwaving video.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  On Saturday, I did two other videos, this time with me in front of the camera.  :)  The first one was shot from the floor to about my mid-calf.  Someone requested this angle and thought it would be artsy and cool to see a barberette from this perspective.  So I cut hair, with just my feet and falling hair being shown.

After that one, I filmed myself in a cute necktie blouse and patterned black stockings dumping chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup, tomato sauce, mustard, and green slime all over myself in the bathtub.  With all the negative thoughts of the economy and politics, I thought that this video would help bring a smile to people's faces. 
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