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Haircutting Story: Diet (Deutsch)

Thank you, Stefan, for your story!

Author, Stefan from Germany
She holds an old photograph of her in her hand while she looks into the mirror.
She managed it to lose a third of her weight in a year.
At a height of 5' 3" she had a weight of 176 lbs.
Because of discipline, a mixture of sports and diet, she starved down to 110 lbs.
Is it healthy?
"Now it is enought!" she thinks and decides to stop the diet and not to lose pounds any more, because the diet could become an anorexia.
She still has to care about a healthy diet and sports, but not to starve any more.
She does really look beautyfull with her ideal weight. One year ago she had always been a mobbing victim, but now the men looked at her.
She is a natural beauty, with a beautyfull face could not be seen before because of her overweight.  There could be seen puffy cheaks and a double chin instead.
But now her high cheakbones are visible, in addition to her round chin, a cute snub nose and a full lip mouth.
And her body?
Slim, with normal breasts, graceful, with bright jeans, a dark, v-necket, figure-enhancing shirt broke out of men's fantasies.
She didn't use make up before but want to do it now, because it's time to evolve.
Now she is standing there, in front of the mirror and a shiny white wash basin, and her heart is beating because she is excited.
Now she starts with her make up do.
First with a bordeaux red lipstick, she doesn't need to enlarge her full lips, because she has got full lips naturally.
Her eyelashes are long, but inconspicuous. So she use eyelash black to make it more female.
With eyeshadow she enlarges her big brown eyes to get a more erotical look.
She plucks her eyebrows with a tweezer untill they are formed suitable to her eyes.
With a creme she wants to avoid, that impurities and redness are visible on her skin, althought it is not necesary to her, but she does it anyway.
She applies rouge to make her cheak bones more visible.
Her face is now... wow!... gorgeous. But something is missing.
The bath room is brightly lit from the lamp above the mirror on the wall.
So all the details are visible.
Her, now, more beautyfull face is framed from 16" dark brown hair she pinned up for her make up do.
She removes the hairband in a hurry and is looking for the scissors in the white commode behind her.
She finds a hairclipper instead of scissors, her brother forgot apparently, and turns it on.
Without a clipper comp she runs with the clippers right down the middle and cut her beautyfull mane rough and hectically untill there is nothing left but a 4" long strand of hair behind her left ear and stops suddenly.
She looks at her new, daring hairstyle with a smile.
There is 99% only stubbles left instead of her long gorgeous dark mane, too faint to cover her scalp.
The decision, to cut her hair of, came into her mind spontaneously.
"It doesn't need long hair to be beautyfull." she thinks self assured and, to do this in action, she turns the clippers on again and runs with the clippers on the stubbles many times.
Except that strand of hair is left, but she doesn't care.
She discovers shaving foam and a set of razors in the bathroom cabinet besides the commode, her brother also forgot last time.
"Fortunate coincidence!" she thinks and takes the opportunity.
She presses the button and gets shaving foam in her right hand and lathered her head with it, even the strand of hair.
She removes the foam blanked with a razor . From the front of her head, her scalp becomes shaved smooth.
Finally there is shaving foam left behind her left ear around the strand of hair.
She tries to remove that hair with the razor several times without succes.
"Doesn't matter. The next time." she thinks, removes the rest of the shaving foam and doesn't care any more about the strand of hair. It is left, like an infinitesimal rest from the past with a period of grace.
Now she looks into the mirror, holding the picture in her hand, like a "before-after" presentation:
- on the foto the chubby girl with natural, but puffy face and long brown colored hair,
- in the mirror this beautyfull face of today with lipstick, plucked eyebrows and the smooth shaved head, except a little hair.
"Wow! Quite different! Gorgeous make up. My face is more beautyfull without hair." she thinks self-assured.
She decides, that there is no way back to the boring mouse from the past...

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