haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

today's video shoot

Today, I shot a roller set video at Carmen's Salon, featuring me having metal Tip Top curlers wrapped in my hair.  A leopard-print cape was thrown over me, and for the comb-out, a nice large pink satin one.  (Thank you, A., for providing that!)

What was I wearing?  A lovely lavendar blouse with ruffled edges for the cuffs and neck.  I believe that blouse is from the 1970's.  Also, I wore a black skirt, black stockings with a purple seam, and black pumps.  I wanted to wear my vintage 1940's pumps, but sadly, they are moldy.  :(

Carmen wore her hair in rollers and a hairnet.  A broch displayed on the neck of her white blouse.  I promised to look for different colored hairnets for her, as well as a neon pink comb-out cape.

Anyway, the resulting updo style is goregous!  I went out shopping and received several compliments from women.  One guy at Menards followed me around.  Even while I was at the check out, I looked back to see what candy my son was pointing at, and the guy was down the isle looking at me yet again! 

When I change my outfit into my evening one for going out, I'll have a photo taken of me.

This roller set video won't be released until next year sometime.
Tags: roller set, tip top curlers

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