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salon stuff at a frisbee golf place in Wisconsin

I just got back from Carmen's Salon today.  I didn't have anything done to my hair, but I had brought over some of my retro hair stuff and we dicussed the upcoming video shoot on Sunday.  Because of my hair length, and my refusal to cut it, I will not be getting a perm afterall.  Both kits that I had brought to her shop were for short hair.  I did bring over a container filled with various sizes of Tip Top curlers.  She'll give me a roller set with those on Sunday instead of a perm.

Going through my iPhone photos yesterday, I found several taken of female movie stars from the 1920's and 1930's.  I'll post them to this blog within the next couple of weeks.

When I was in Wisconsin awhile back, I stayed at this place, High Bridge HIlls,  Yes, they had hiking trails, frisbee golf, hot tub, and other outdoor activities, but what really caught my eye was a vintage salon chair out on the balcony, at the Honka (sp?) House.  It must get used some as there was still hair where the head rest used to be and etc. 

Also, inside the Honka House, in the bookshelf is a large stack of hardcover hairstyle books.  Upon request, I signed one for the resort owner.

I'd suggest that if you are into outdoor fun and hair, give that place a visit. After cutting your special someone's locks, you can spend some time in the hot tub, and relax at the bonfire.

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