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Hair Poem: Be Fair to Your Hair

Thank you, P., for sending me this hair poem!

                             "  Be Fair - To Your Hair  "
You have just visited the hair salon and family and friends and complete strangers compliment You - and your new hairdo.
" Wow your haircut really suits you,you look great with short hair "
" Your new hair color is absolutely fabulous "
" Love your new curly perm - Adorable "
Which is all very nice and flattering for YOU
" You talk to the flowers,you talk to the trees,you talk to your pets,and sometimes they talk back to you - (Parrots Budgies) "
" But - what about me, your hair "
" Please be fair to HAIR !!!
I will never leave you
I will always be with you
I will always love you
You are my best friend
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
But sometimes, I must have
really displeased you,
and you exact your awful revenge
on me.
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
You cut me
and clipper me
and shave me completely!
But I forgive you,
and always come Back to you!
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
You make me so happy
When you gently brush and comb me,
And then you HURT me,
with all your hair clips.
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
When you were born,
the trouble I went to,
to give you beautiful color hair.
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
And how do you repay my thoughtfulness,
By Bleaching and Tinting your hair,
every color of the rainbow!
But I forgive you,
And I let your Natural hair color,return,again and again and AGAIN.
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
I gave you,
Beautiful,long,sleek and shiny hair,
And then you proceed,to STRANGLE me with perm rods,
and CHOKE me with smelly chemicals,
But I forgive you,
And eventually always come STRAIGHT back to you!
(Be Fair To Your Hair)
Thank you for your kind attention,if you would like to know more,please contact me at,
" Acme - Ladies Wigs & Gentleman's Hair Pieces - Company "

Tags: poem, story

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