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bald women in comic strips

Awhile back, someone had asked if anyone knew the name of the comic strip where a women in high school had shaved her head. Mr. Dean Show had posted on that post with this:

•Straw Critic: The parents who don't like the drama class performing the play Wit because " Newspaper comics School plays are for fun and relaxation, not art."
◦The snarking blogs and readers' comments note that Wit wouldn't be easy to mount with teen performers and would risk losing the school's money if their peers and families don't come to see it — not a smart move at a time when arts programs are suffering due to a recession. All things considered, the Strawman Has A Point. Other critics noted that a logical response to the Straw Critic's suggestion of doing Spamalot would have been to point out the prohibitive costs of licensing and producing a currently running musical versus the small cast and minimal set needed for Wit - but the comic naturally featured a pretentious lecture about the arts instead.
■Also, good luck finding a female high school drama student willing to shave her head for a school play.

or Rex Morgan

It also happened in "For better or worse"

Thank you, Mr. Dean Show!
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