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Haircutting Story: Jasmin Krueger (English)

Thank you, Stefan, for your story!

Jasmin Krüger

 Author, Stefan from Germany

The following story is not a told one but a dream. It was about a woman sang in a video a autographic song. With a voice like an angel, very  talented, and I was the only one listened to her. She sang it just for me, telling me:

This song is for you. I sing it for you. Write down the lyrics and the music and look for a singer. Beeing awake, I wrote down the lyrics currently. The music was lost, but I found something new for it with my guitar.

And, by the way, this story about this song came into my mind...


She was able to play guitar, keyboard, harp and also mandolin. In short: she is multi talented.

Her voice sounded erotically and soft, could be a blonde angel.

But she wasn't blond and neither with blue eyes.

She'd got an angels face anyway. Her big brown eyes like a deer seemed to be hypnotic.

Her oval formed face with cheak bones was suitable to everything.

She seemed to be sexy even if she would be dressed in a trash bag.

To this a luscious mouth gave her face an erotic charisma.

She wor shoulder length brown hair, mostly braided or pinned up, gave her glamour.

As apposed to this she wor in her short symmetric cute snub nose a big ring (a nostril piercing) in the left nasal wing not suitable to her hairstyle.

On her back and shoulders she had several asian tattoos.

Her figure was gracefull and beautifull.


Like I said:

Music was her life.

So she decided to take part on "Best Pop Singer" casting.

With the guitar in hand she focused the camera to a chair she put into the room, checked zoom and lighting to the chair and started to play.

She choosed a special song of her repertoire: "My independence day"

It was a song, written by herself, about her own little world:

about love, ties and she didn't wanna go with the mainstream but go her own way, bohemien, sometimes against the mainstream.

She wor a simple white T shirt and dark jeans.

After finishing that song she stopped the camera.

She removed the memory card and watched it on her PC.

- Well, it looks boring but I'll send it in anyway and I'll see...- she was satisfied in a half way, burned a DVD and send it in to the, from a newspaper ad, known adress.


2 weeks later she got an answer. She got a compliment for her commitment.

But because a lot of musicans wanted to be participants there, they had got to do a selection and she was unfortunately not a participant any longer.

She was shocked although she was a very tough girl.

But a Jasmin Krüger never surrendered. She'd got a plan to get attantion with a sensational  video...


In an apartment at the city limits of Hamburg, in a large bath room, full of cream colored wall tiles and a checkered floor, was a huge mirror on the wall.

In front of this a lavatory and a rack above there can be put down something.

A friend of Jasmin, Manfred, called "Manni", just built up a tripod and fixed a camera on it.

It was Jasmins camera, she made her first video with.

He adjusted it to the mirror. Additionally he put a second camera on the commode opposite  the mirror.

"Are you sure, that you'll gonna do this?" Manni wanted to know, because she told him before, what she'll gonna do.

"Are you ready with the lyrics? You have got just one try. If there's gone something wrong, so there is no chance to do it again." So Manni was no optimist.

"I'm ready. Trust me!" and she looked like it's got on her nerves with his scepticism.

She checked the equipment, if Manni had done it all right.

"So we're ready." she said, satisfied and looked into the mirror...



The Video for "My Independence Day" by Jasmin Krüger



There were first creme colored wall tiles and a huge mirror on the camera.

Then there could be seen a young girl. She was beautiyfull, with shoulder length brown hair.

She looked into the mirror and runned with her fingers through her hair.

Then the music started. First rythm, instrumental beats. There can be listened the sound of a western guitar.

The girl started to sing:


"Did you ever ask me, if I love you?

Did you ever realized, that I love you?

Did you ever recognized, that I'm with you?

Did you ever wished, that I'm away?


So what kind of way do you want to go?

I'll do it on my own!

I'm a freaky girl, so what you gonna do?

I'll still do it on my own!"


She began with her make up do on the first strophe with interlude (...I'll still do it on my own!). She did the lipstick before she was on camera.

Two perspectives were on the camera. The camera on the tripod showed the reflection of the girl, while the second camera showed her right from different perspectives seemed to walk around in the bathroom.

Then the girl sang the chorus, the music now with an e guitar, drums, a base and a keyboard for the background sound:


"Starting today

it's my indipendence day

There is nothing left to say

you don't need to pray for me

Be sure that I'm free."


While she did it, she took the clippers out of the rack below the mirror and turned it on. There was no sound of the clippers, only the music could be listened.

The e-guitar, the drums and the base became silent. Only the background sound of the keyboard and the western guitar could be listened.

With the other hand she lifted the hair in the front.

Then she sang the second strophe:


"Don't like barbie hair, it suits me?

Don't wanna be a mouse, you want me?

Don't wanna be a  good girl, wouldn't you agree?

Don't mind what they say, what about you?


Do you want to follow me on my way?

I'll do it allone.

In get no tolerance for a  freak like me

I'll still do it on my own!"


To the words "Don't like barbie hair" she runned with the clippers right down the middle and a 2 inch "swath" was into her gorgeaus brown colored mane.

It became wider to the left while she sang the next untill the sideburn was left.

She stopped for a while. With this absurd mane she got on camara 2 with a close-up.

She looked determined.

She kept the sideburns, continued on the right side and sang the interlude ("I'll still do it on my own!")


Then she sang the chorus again and the e-guitar, the drums and the base came back again into the sound:


"Starting today

it's my indipendence day

There is nothing left to say

you don't need to pray for me

Be sure that I'm free."


With a wrench she managed it to run with the clippers to the back at the words "Be sure that I'm free.".

In the next moment followed a close-up of camera 2 of her back.

It was amazing, how she managed it to cut her hair while she is singing.


In the next scene the third strophe:


" 'tis accepted to do all things, you wanna do?

'tis a fact I'm caged in prison, you want me to go?

'tis a dream of freedom, may I break out and go?

'tis a berlin wall around me, may I break it down?


Do you wanna break the limits like I do?

I'll do it anyway.

in get resistance on my forbidden way,

I'll still do it on my own!"


At the words "dream of freedom" she released the left ear of the sideburns, at the words "I'll do it anyway" she released the right ear.

Now there was only a little bit of her hair left, she got rid of it while she sang the chorus.

At the end, she sang the chorus 2 times, running with the clippers on her head to cut the rest.

Exactly on the end of the last word she was ready and without hair. The music stopped and it was silent.

The young girl was on camera 2 with a close-up again smiling contentedly.

"I did it!" she said on camera, then the video was finished...



Jasmin was satisfied. Point-of-view shots, the music and her performance was perfect.

"And you wanna upload this?" Manni wanted to know, he was a helping hand and the cameraman for camera 2.

"Yes I think so. Let's go for it!" she agreed.

This video was too exciting and should be published.

Jasmin hoped to get a lot of "clicks" in network.

It got an upload on the most famous video platorms.

What she hoped-for became true.

Every day, she looked into network to get information about the quantity of "clicks".

In a week it got millions of clicks.

Later on, that vidio could be watched on Viva and MTV.

She was in the ascendant, a superstar, with a bright future...

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