haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Hair Poem: The Headscarf

Thank you, Stefan, for your poem!

The Headscarf

Author, Stefan from Germany


I'm sitting in the railway

six o' clock in the morning

Husum to Kiel

it stops in Rendsburg then


"Nothing special!" I think

and start to relax,

snowing outside, I think

"What a luck!"


Here comes a woman

with eyes, dark and clear

can clearly see that woman

with apparent black hair


so dark that woman

don't know exactly,

if she reads the quran

dressed with a headscarf


train creeps in twilight

out of rail station

it is wintertime

she removed the headscarf


baker boy cap now

conduces to beauty

and looks gorgeous

with her hair very pretty!


I'm thinking about

why she does it?

should go over now

and ask for it


"Is it, because you may not

show your hair at home

and you have got

strict parents at home?"


She sais: "I may not go

with a muslim headscarf

for my boss in the office so."

Prejudices never die!

Tags: stefan von deutschland, story

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