haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

video editing

I've started back to editing Vanessa's Buzz Haircut and Bleaching.  I'm currently at 1 hour now.  There's about 25 minutes left to go.  Maybe I'll finish it next week?

Before I forget to mention: I'm sorry, but anonymous commenters can no longer post when replying to entries.  I was removing several spam posts daily from this blog.  To avoid this problem, only registered LiveJournal users can post on this blog.  I apologize for any hassel or inconvenience this causes.  (This blog also is automatically posted to my Multiply blog as well.  For those viewers, they also must be a registered user to post replies).

When I have time, I'll grab some before & after stills of the haircut videos shoot from the other day.  They'll be posted sometime this week.
Tags: problem solved, vanessa

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