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vod downloading help, being at a video production

Maybe about once a month or so, someone has a little trouble downloading my VODs.  I don't do anything special to my VODs -- no zipfile, no DRM, or etc.  Just a simple highest quality upload setting for Windows Media Player.  And then I upload that to my server. 

I do have a VOD Download Help page on the website, but I thought I'd add this here until I have time to add this info to that page as well.  The last person who had trouble downloading, figured out how to get the download to work for him.  :D  He wrote it down, and with his permission, I'm posting it here:

"I have gone back through the download and it worked again ok. This was the procedure.  Right click on e mail link. Save target as comes up. Choose which folder to download into.Click save.This should take you via windows internet explorer/yahoo to the 12 links you provided.Right click on VOD. Click ok for download User name and password should come up.(this does not always happen) if you do not get request for user name and password then you cannot download..Enter the user name and password and start to download.Sometimes after clicking save the download goes wrong and download is finished in a few seconds. This of course is no good and you have to try again.As long as a request for password and user name comes up the download will run ok. I hope this information will help."


I've received several emails from people wanting to know how they could attend one of my productions.  When I modeled, I always had friends ask if they could attend my modeling gig 'cause they were curious to what it was like.  So I do understand the curiosity
.  If you'd like to attend, please see my newsletter link (yahoo group) for upcoming shoots.  If you want to be there, I will put you to work, probably helping to run one of my cameras and watching for continuality.  If you want to watch only because you're afraid of doing something wrong with the camera, it'll be $25.00.  Because my salon setup is small, I only have sitting room for three.  But one space is reserved for the model's friend/spouse.  My rules?  Be quite and be respectful.  :)

In other news, I just got to 20 minutes in the hair singeing video.  I'm at the point where she's just finishing up with a long shampooing after having her hair singed, to get rid of any burnt pieces and to get rid of any burnt hair smell.

Before I forget, I finally found a company that makes seamed stockings.  I know these type of stockings were very popular back in the 1940s and 1950s.  Of course, I bought a few to add to the vintage outfits that I have of this era.  :)
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