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Haircutting Story: Sleepy Head

Story published with permission. Thanks!

 " Sleepy Head "
   There is nothing special about Harry he's just like your typical ordinary sixteen year old British kids. He would be the first to admit that he is not that good looking,he's very shy,insecure and lonely.
 He's told himself on numerous occasions that will all change in the future (the very near future) For what Harry lacks in self confidence,in his left hand,is more than compensated for in his right hand.
He knows what he wants to do with his life. All day,All night,every moment of every day Harry dreams,his dream. Harry has just turned sixteen and his very special birthday present to himself,commences this morning,he begins his dream profession, Apprentice Hairdresser !
Harry has always dream-ed of becoming a ladies hair stylist.He has so much talent and creativity,he knows he will become a professional hairdresser. His persistent day dreaming of giving his female clients,roller sets,permanent waves and fashionable & exciting hair colours,his dreams are about to come true,the fruition of all his dreams were about to happen for REAL !
Suddenly and without warning a deafening,piercing sound,interrupted Harry's private dream world,the culprit was his bedside alarm clock.Harry partially awoke,slightly annoyed at his wake up call. Harry had been blissfully contented dreaming HIS dream ( a Ladies hair stylist) He allowed himself a secondary thought,most kids start a job just for the monthly pay check,not realising that money is not everything,if one was stuck in a dead end job that one would have to endure and put up with,the rest of their working lives! How sad Harry thought,and then smiled to himself,knowing how very,very lucky he was.
Today he was beginning HIS dream career in Ladies hairdressing - how simply wonderful,and then for a split second,Harry was sad for he knew when he reached sixty five,he would have to retire. He wished he could carry on enjoying working until he was 100 years old,that would be awesome and also to receive a special 100th birthday telegram by the Queen.
Harry told himself to stop dreaming and get up ready for his dream profession... Harry jumped out of his bed and got ready to do his regular morning exercises,but to Harry's complete surprise his body aching and really stiff all over,Harry put this down to cramp,he must have been sleeping (and dreaming) awkwardly in the bed
On his way to the bathroom,he passed the front door an on the floor was a letter with the address facing upwards,then Harry noticed the post mark it read " London - Buckingham Palace "  Harry allowed himself a little laugh,thinking to himself  " a birthday card from the Queen & I start my dream job today,my young life won't get any better than this !
As Harry turned the taps on to fill the bathroom sink,he decided to open the greeting card from her Majesty,the front of the card had a beautiful photograph of Buckingham Palace adorning it,he opened the inside of the card and started to read it to himself. Harry read the greeting once,and then once again,Harry thought to himself that he must still be half asleep,he rubbed his eyes gently with his hands hoping this would really wake him up,and read the message to himself Again.
Perplexed and bewildered Harry looked up from his birthday card and caught his own reflection in the bathroom mirror,startled,Harry didn't recognise the person staring back at him. Instead of the youthful,spotty,sixteen year old adolescent he knew so well,in it's place was an old,very old gentleman,with thinning white hair,wrinkled skin,and so,so,worn out.
Harry recoiled and screamed out in shock and absolute horror,as the grim realisation,the sad and aw-full truth suddenly dawned upon him. Harry had always dream-ed of being a hair stylist working in one on the finest and most exclusive salons in the world,creating exquisite hairdo's for all his clients.
His daydreams,dreaming of becoming a hairdresser had taken over his entire life and existence, Harry had  " DREAMED " his one ambition in life away ......
Harry couldn't believe,wouldn,t believe it, But the truth was staring him back in his mirror !!!
 suddenly and without any warning,Harry suffered a massive heart attack,collapsing onto the floor (dead) in his left hand he was still holding on to his birthday card it read   .....  " Congratulations Harry on reaching your 100th Birthday - Queen Elizabeth II  !!!!!!
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