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update and cartoon

I'm now one hour and eight minutes into Kendra Holliday's Head Shaving Event video.

If you order VODs, and you have a Comcast email address, you won't get the VOD email.  Comcast deletes the VOD the instant that they get it because they think it's spam.  Please add another email address to your Paypal account, and use that one instead.  Gmail is a good one.

I'm seeing an alarming rate of people buying DVDs, thinking that they are VODs, and vice versa.  I don't know if those people are just too quick to buy or just don't bother looking for the other format. I'm really not sure how to get these people to focus on which format they are buying, to make sure that they are buying the correct format.  It already states in several places which format the video is in.

Anyway, thank you, Greg, for sending me today's Dennis the Menace comic strip:

The direct link is
Tags: cartoon, kendra holliday, problem

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