haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

bald woman T-shirt giveaway

Since I forgot to auction off this T-shirt featuring a bald woman at the head shaving event in Missouri, I'll just give it away on Friday.  Those who want the shirt will need to email me, with the subject reading "T-Shirt Giveway".  On Friday at noon, central USA time, my iPhone will choose a number, from the total number of entries.  The winner will receive this T-Shirt free.  This contest is open to anyone, even internationally.

Here's the photos and info for the T-Shirt:

The shirt is a size M and is 100% cotton.  I believe that it's a Men's size Medium.  It has not been washed since Jee Lee wore it.  So once you receive it, you can wash it or just keep it as a souvenir. 
Tags: giveaway, jee lee
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