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Last night's video shoot

Last night was Kendra Holliday's head shave celebration. She and I both wore latex dresses, and I had caped her with a heavy black vinyl cape. We were both on stage at the Koken Art Factory in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kendra was quite nervous - as I would be too if I was having 2+ feet of hair cut off and a straight-edge shaved to boot!

An extremely large pair of scissors, haircutting scissors, manual clippers, and the Osters Progenics were also used to rid her of her long locks.

She still does have the hair, so if anyone is interested in buying it, please contact her directly. The money will be donated to her legal defense fund.

Photos will probably be appearing on her website, Facebook, and wherever else because a lot of people were taking photos. I shot video, and as soon as I finish the Karen haircut & highlight video, I'll work on Kendra's. I'll shoot her after interview today.

Her website is http://www.thebeautifulkind.com

Thank you to everyone who came out last night for this exciting, fund raising event. If you missed it, but would still like to help, you can donate to Kendra's legal defense fund by contacting her through her website.

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